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silent_trtmnt03's Journal

Trowa Barton
15 September
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I'm the luckiest kept man in the universe. (Kidding about the 'kept man' part. The lucky part is true.)

This journal is part of the Solacium RPG. Anything you might want to know about the Solacium universe thus far can be found at the site.

Please don't be shy about friending us or responding to our posts. We promise not to bite. We do, however, request a modicum of respect and decorum, and we reserve the right to not answer questions that are too personal in nature. We have made a good many new friends through these journals, and there's always room for more.

Many of our icons were commissioned from ponderosa121, who took canon images and altered them to make our characters appear the age they are in these journals. Other have been made for us by friends who follow our journals, and we thank them.